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This app proves the business case for creating better buildings and communities that provide the safest, healthiest, most efficient, and most prosperous places to live, learn, work, or play. Using this app and connecting to our USGBC Texas “Best Practice Champions” will allow you to deploy proven designs, technologies, policies, and processes immediately and consistently across all communities in Texas.

The USGBC Texas Best Practices app was developed to give community and building Creators, Influencers, and Inhabitants immediate access to the data and business case justification needed to do better. By understanding the full social, environmental, and financial cost benefits of better and best design, construction, and operations alternatives we can provide a more equitable and just future for all Texans.

Visit the USGBC Texas YouTube channel for Proven Best Practice Companion Presentation videos.

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David MacLean
USGBC Texas Best Practices Committee Chair

Jonathan Kraatz
USGBC Texas Executive Director


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